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Management of your property is more complex than how it seems on paper. You must consider several factors and day-to-day operations throughout the term of the tenant’s lease; from the condition of the property to the provision of utilities and services to comply with the state and local laws and regulations in place. 

To save yourself headaches and stress, get in touch with the experts at Keyrenter Knoxville. As a property manager, we manage hundreds of rental properties in the area. Whether you own and rent out an apartment, a multi-rental property, or a single-family residence, we assure you that we have the personnel, resources, and systems in place. 

Our clients spread throughout Knoxville and the surrounding area can attest to the quality of our services. To meet the high standards set, Keyrenter Knoxville only employs the best of the best in the industry to attend to your rental property needs. All property managers on our team are well-trained licensed experts. 

Worried about the cost of our property management services? There is no need to! We price our services competitively. Get in touch with us today via mail or phone call and you will receive a quote for our Oak Ridge property management services. 

Our Wide Range of Property Management Services 

From our experience managing property in Oak Ridge, TN and beyond, we understand the fact that no two properties require the same solutions or services. That’s why you need a team of property managers by your side to give you the necessary professional advice and recommend relevant strategies, from leasing your property to maintaining it. 

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As your top property manager, Keyrenter Knoxville offers a broad range of services and solutions to our clients in Oak Ridge, including advertising, tenant-screening, property maintenance, property inspections, rent collection, and more.

Making the Property Tenant-Friendly 

As a landlord, we understand that you are concerned with the continuity of rental income from your property. When one tenant exits, you will want to search for the next one and rent it out immediately. But, you have also to consider the state of the rental property. 

It is the duty of Keyrenter Knoxville, as your property manager, to ensure that your property is in a safe and habitable condition for the next renter. Our team will manage all necessary repairs. 

There is also the issue of tastes and preferences to consider. The preferences of your target demographic are bound to change over the years and you must keep up with changing demands or face the consequences. The team from Keyrenter Knoxville is ready to advise you accordingly on what changes you should make to remain competitive. 

Property Advertising 

Using our knowledge of the property market and experience, Keyrenter Knoxville will ensure that the leasing of your rental properties is advertised effectively. We provide the best property management marketing so that every potential tenant in the current pool will know of the vacancy. 

We use a targeted marketing strategy to make sure our clients get the best return on their investment. We use a mix of digital and traditional print signage. In addition to advertising, we can also stage your investment properties so that walk-ins can appreciate the quality of amenities and fittings on the property. 

Screening of Potential Tenants 

Real estate can be a steady source of passive income. But, this is only true when you have quality tenants on the property who can pay their rent on time and in full. To get such a tenant, you must have a comprehensive tenant screening policy in place. 

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Most landlords lack the resources and expertise to conduct a thorough screening of potential tenants. The team at Keyrenter Knoxville is well versed with the provisions of the Fair Housing Act and will manage the screening process fairly and without any form of discrimination. 

We are confident in our screening process and will ensure that only the best candidates in Oak Ridge, TN rent out your rental homes. 

Tenant Management

Even with thorough and periodic inspections of your rental property, you can expect your tenants to complain about one issue or another. 

Unburden yourself by outsourcing the management of your property to Keyrenter Knoxville. Whether the complaint is rent or neighbor related, we offer your tenants a 24/7 communication channel to get in touch and lodge their complaints. Our communication channels are always manned and your tenants will always be served. 

With Keyrenter Knoxville as your property manager, you can say goodbye to the years of trying to keep up with the responsibilities of managing your property. We take care of all your rental property needs! In addition, your tenants will feel appreciated that all their needs are handled in a timely and professional manner. 

Living in Oak Ridge, TN

The Oak Ridge suburbs can be a great place for people to live. Both families and individuals are seeking a break from the urban frenzy where they can enjoy some peace and quiet and hopefully build connections in a community. 

If you are considering moving to Knoxville or making a property investment, the suburb to consider is Oak Ridge. Located in Anderson County, it is regarded as one of the best places to live in the area. 

One definite allure of Oak Ridge, TN is the community. Despite the growth of the suburb and influx of new residents, the neighborhood still enjoys a good sense of community. New residents are welcomed with open arms. 

Families target to live and invest in Oak Ridge because of the quality of education in the area. Children are assured quality and comprehensive programs that prepare them for the next phase of their lives. Some of the notable mentions in the area include Hardin Valley Middle School, Woodland Elementary School, and Oak Ridge High School. 

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When all is said and done, the cost of investing in real estate or purchasing a home must be considered. Whether you’re in search of a house or an apartment, the median property price in Oak Ridge reveals a price relatively lower than the national average property price. 

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Areas We Serve 

We are proud to serve the areas of Knoxville, Blount County, Maryville, Farragut, Sevierville, Alcoa, Lenoir City, Powell, and surrounding areas in Knox County.