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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Farragut, Tennessee? If so, then call Keyrenter Knoxville

Headquartered in Knoxville, we offer professional property management services for your Farragut rental home. We’re open to taking care of single-family homes, multi-family units, condos, and duplexes. 

We help minimize the stress of rental owners while we seek to maximize your profits. We offer full commitment in taking care of your Farragut property maintenance and work to attract qualified renters.

First time Farragut rental homeowners will be spared from costly mistakes while seasoned landlords can save their time and pursue other investment opportunities.

Keyrenter Knoxville understands the complexities of taking care of each individual Farragut property. We have efficient systems and adequate resources that can serve your rental needs better. You can also trust our in-depth knowledge of the industry due to our years of experience. 

You don’t have to deal with learning the Fair Housing Act laws and landlord-tenant rules. Leave everything to us! Your rental operation is run according to updated state and local laws. When emergencies occur, we deal with the situation quickly and in compliance with safety and building codes.

Contact Keyrenter Knoxville today to manage your Farragut rental home at (865) 999-4539. You can also send us a message at [email protected] We deliver property solutions that align with your property needs!

Our Property Management Services 

Being a rental property owner means having a lot of responsibilities. We help you meet your tenants’ expectations by handling all tenant complaints, resolving property emergencies, and reducing vacancies. Keyrenter Knoxville has expertise in marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, and rental property maintenance. 


Below are some of the advantages you’ll receive when you engage our services: 

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

We help you limit vacancies in your Farragut rental home. With a fully occupied property, your earnings are stable. You can then make property improvements to add more value to your home and win the loyalty of your current renters. 

Keyrenter Knoxville knows how to capture the interest of potential renters and which platforms to use to raise your rental exposure. We ensure that more views are obtained to give you a great selection of high quality renters. 

Under our management, we consider the Fair Housing Act when conducting our advertising activities, thereby looking out for your best interests and offering legal protection.

2. Tenant Screening Process

While a lot of prospective renters may show interest in your Farragut rental home, Keyrenter Knoxville performs meticulous screening to select the right one. 

All vital factors are considered given our 14-step tenant screening procedure, checking a prospective tenant’s rent history, credit score, income, and employment to ensure they’re the best match for you.

We only welcome tenants who can maintain your rental property well, meet the rent payments regularly, and live in peace among neighbors. We help you filter out problematic tenants early on to spare you from eventual headaches.

3. Rent Collection and Eviction

Collecting the rent of your Farragut rental home must be done on time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to plan for property upgrades that can help retain existing tenants. We provide an effective rent collection system that’s convenient for both property owners and renters.


Keyrenter Knoxville also enforces the set rent payment policies covered in the lease. We send the right notices when payment delays happen and also support eviction when it’s required. We resolve the issue before it escalates and find a workable solution. But if the problem persists, we follow the legal eviction process.

4. Property Repairs and Maintenance

One of the best strategies in keeping your tenants for the long-term is keeping up with property maintenance. Keyrenter Knoxville performs consistent property inspections, tends to property issues, and schedules repairs with a trusted vendor network to keep your rental space in its finest condition.

We make sure that leaks are fixed, pest infestations are resolved, gutters are cleaned, and pipes are working properly. If a tenant makes a maintenance request, we review it promptly and consider it well. With us around, you can easily showcase an attractive and well-maintained property that draws in plenty of potential renters.

Property emergencies are inevitable in the course of running a rental home. When this happens, you can rely on our responsive approach when conducting repairs. Only qualified specialists are tasked to manage your property repairs.

About Farragut, Tennessee

Farragut is a suburban town situated in Knox and Loudon counties. It was named after David Farragut, a Union admiral who participated in the American Civil War. Farragut is bordered by Concord Hills Subdivisions and Lovell Road to the east and the Loudon County line to the west.

Residents in Farragut appreciate living there for its highly rated schools, family-friendly community, and accessible location. It’s a half hour away from downtown Knoxville and near an airport. Farragut is ideal for retirees and families with kids. It offers plenty of shops, restaurants, golf courses, and parks. 

A sense of safety also surrounds Farragut, as the crime rate is low. Outdoor enthusiasts will also find several hiking trails and sports parks. Great amenities, shopping options, and entertainment are all available in this town.

Here are interesting things to see in Farragut, Tennessee:

  1. Founder’s Park at Campbell Station
  2. Anchor Park
  3. McFee Park
  4. Farragut Golf & Games
  5. Mayor Bob Leonard Park
  6. Concord Park
  7. Topgolf
  8. Willow Creek Golf Club
  9. Farragut Folklife Museum
  10. Cool Sports Home of the Icearium

(Source: Wikipedia)

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