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Keyrenter Knoxville is the company to rely on for property management services in Blount County. We manage a wide range of properties in the area, ranging from multi-unit properties to townhouses.

If you partner with us, you can rest assured that your property’s being managed by the best in the county. Not only do we prioritize your landlord needs, we also work hard to keep your tenants happy. Our Blount County clients can attest to the quality of our services.

Get in touch with Keyrenter Knoxville today to learn more about our quality property management solutions. You can reach us by dialing (865) 999-4539 or by sending an email to [email protected].

Our Blount County Property Management Services 

Keyrenter Knoxville offers a range of comprehensive services to ensure our clients’ properties are in the best condition possible, their investments are successful and their tenants are satisfied. 

To give you an appreciation of some of the services that we offer, our experienced team has put together the following list of services: 

Rental Assessment

How much do you charge tenants to rent your Blount County rental property? The rental price determines how attractive your rental home is to prospective renters and the long-term viability of your investment. Setting a competitive and fair rental price requires an assessment of the market and an analysis of various comparables. 

A property managers inputs numbers into a calendar at a desk when making a rental assessment.

Feeling out of your depth? Rely on Keyrenter Knoxville. Our property managers will perform a rental rate assessment for you. Apart from the analysis of comparables in your property’s neighborhood, we also factor in unique elements that make your property stand out. 

Tenant Screening and Selection 

A thorough tenant screening process is the first line of defense against bad tenants. A problematic tenant can make managing your property much more difficult than it needs to be. If you partner with Keyrenter Knoxville, we’ll make sure to find ideal tenants for your Blount County home. We also make sure to comply with Fair Housing laws in all proceedings.

After years of experience in the Tennessee property market, we’ve perfected our tenant screening process to select the best tenants for your property. We look into credit history, rental history, employment and criminal background history. 

If a tenant we find breaks their lease in the first six months, we’ll find you a new one at no added cost to you!

Compliance with Property Laws

Being a Blount County landlord means you need to ensure your property complies with county ordinances and provisions, state and federal laws. You need to stay on top of any new developments and apply the law accordingly. 

If you choose Keyrenter Knoxville as your property manager, our licensed and experienced team will ensure that every element of your property complies with the law. 

Rent Collection 

We appreciate the various reasons why individuals and investors invest in Blount County real estate. Whether it’s to build wealth, diversify income or grow your investment portfolio, the success of your investment depends on the full and prompt collection of rent. 

A close up of american dollar bills is shown after rent collection.

Keyrenter Knoxville implements the rent clause of the lease agreement strictly and professionally. We’ll take care of the entire rent collection process for you, from sending reminders to processing payments. 

Most property owners have experienced late payments from their tenants. Our property managers will handle every rent issue for you and ensure that you’re paid every cent you’re owed. 

Property Repairs and Maintenance 

To remain competitive in the rental property market, you need to make sure your rental unit is in the best condition possible. As a self-managing property owner, we suggest you dedicate time to inspect your property for defects and see to impromptu maintenance requests. 

Maintaining and repairing your property can be overwhelming. Why not partner with Keyrenter Knoxville? We offer comprehensive property maintenance services and guarantee that any repairs will be completed properly the first time!

Say goodbye to the days of late-night maintenance calls from your tenants. Keyrenter Knoxville maintains a 24/7 communication channel so your tenants can always reach out to us with requests. 

About Blount County, TN

One of the most ideal places to live in East Tennessee has to be Blount County. The area boasts a good demand for rental housing and a thriving economy. Blount County has something for everyone, attracting residents like working professionals and families.

Blount County’s economy is quite diverse, with vibrant healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing. Manufacturing companies in particular have been performing well, with  the county’s largest employer being Denso Manufacturing. 

Blount County gives its residents easy access to Mother Nature. Residents are surrounded by green space, with recreational options like fishing, kayaking, zip-lining, tubing and many more to choose from. 

The cost of living in Blount County is relatively lower than the national average. Residents can expect to pay less for utilities, housing, healthcare, transportation and insurance. 

There are three systems that govern the public schools in Blount County: Maryville City, Alcoa City, and Blount County. Together, they offer comprehensive education programs to thousands of children.

Are you wondering which Blount County, TN neighborhoods to invest in? From our experience in the local property market, you might consider Rockford, Maryville, Townsend, Alcoa, Friendsville and Louisville. 

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Areas We Serve

Keyrenter Knoxville is also proud to service the areas of Knoxville, Lenoir City, Oakridge, Alcoa, Maryville, Farragut and Sevierville